every kid's dream!!!

Check out these giant bubbles on the beach, an amazing video of almost alien looking creations, watch as they float and glimmer with every colour of the rainbow, then snap and disapear into thin air. Such a nice video to start your hump day off. Lots of love s betties


Monday morning!!!

Pushing the snooze button over 5 times, scrubbing the face with icy water, frantically searching for something to wear while stuffing down a crust of peanut butter toast, bring Monday morning early starts on!! This photographer captures the common feeling and strange beauty in the process of waking up...

the secret garden




5 o'clock

The 5 o'clock chair by Nika Zupanc for Moooi is the next item on the wishlist for our kitchen. The 5 piece set with the table is sweet but we like the chair as an individual amongst our mix-match collection of chairs from various Salvation Army stores and garage sales.