tagging the thule

We decided to revolutionise the traditionally boring thule! It goes on top of our truck and we will be putting our snowboards in it for trips to the mountain next year. It is just a pity we cant take it to Tahoe. Our freind and local graffiti artist under the alias of BMD did the graphics. We have had some pretty funny feedback from people as we drive past already!!


They Came From

Vimeo.com has been consuming a lot of my spare time lately.  The video sharing site boasts great resolution, bitrate and relative HD and attracts artistic movie makers worldwide.
Here are a few links to some of my recent 'Likes':
Hecq vs. Exillion
They Came From (Snowboarding Vid)
Digital Graffiti Wall + Stencils


Unfinished Opera

The Spanish Sounds of Crystal Fighters are on everyone's lips right now with their new single I Love London.   Their Basque folk influence with a little punk, a little rap, and a strong bass and synth sound give us something fresh to jam this Saturday night.  You can tell when they rock my ipod because I'm crazier-than-usual as I dance down the street! Also check out the Douster Remix.


Hear it, Wear it, Rep it

Totally crushing on these new Nike Special Release Danny Kass Double Tongue Boots...and their release video. We will so be getting a pair with our first pay packet come Tahoe!!!

(Lucy is stoking on the graphics- a lot like her favourite Beatles song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)


Selling the Drama

The night after our last exam & just 1 month before we fly out to Tahoe !!!  
New party dresses, a bottle of Piper, some fresh music and dinner with our friends Mads and Fliss !!!