every kid's dream!!!

Check out these giant bubbles on the beach, an amazing video of almost alien looking creations, watch as they float and glimmer with every colour of the rainbow, then snap and disapear into thin air. Such a nice video to start your hump day off. Lots of love s betties


Monday morning!!!

Pushing the snooze button over 5 times, scrubbing the face with icy water, frantically searching for something to wear while stuffing down a crust of peanut butter toast, bring Monday morning early starts on!! This photographer captures the common feeling and strange beauty in the process of waking up...

the secret garden




5 o'clock

The 5 o'clock chair by Nika Zupanc for Moooi is the next item on the wishlist for our kitchen. The 5 piece set with the table is sweet but we like the chair as an individual amongst our mix-match collection of chairs from various Salvation Army stores and garage sales.


dear colleen

Wellington print maker Dear Colleen

belting it out

We love these handcrafted belts made to order from Melbourne label te.  Radness.


lonely hearts

From the Lonely Hearts Lonely Collection. 

style influence: erin wasson


warm fuzzies

Photograhy from photo diarist


finatical about fonts

Kinetic Typography movie – Sia Academia from SteveBussDK on Vimeo.

A geeky love for fonts combined with a cool soundtrack by Sia sets us off nicely for the week


the corner shop

Peep this cute new video for The Corner Shop...And have a beautiful weekend!


beautiful stranger

waiting for spring


350 is an international grassroots campaign that aims to mobilize a global climate movement.  It is based around scientific evidence that 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide to have in the atmosphere.  Campaigns led by 350 took place in more than 180 countries last year and lead up to the international convention on climate change in Copenhagen.  The movement was described by CNN as "the most widespread day of political action in the planet's history".   With 117 countries now endorsing the 350 target the aim is to get other large world leaders such as USA, China and NEW ZEALAND on board as well.  10/10/10 will be the 'Global Work Working Bee' with community climate action initiatives happening across the globe.  To find your nearest or to start your own initiative and to find out more about 350 Aorearoa click here. Otherwise, follow the international 350 movement here.  Below are some photographs from a sunrise campaign we attended last year.

chloe crossed

Chloe sandal via Jak and Jil


exit through the gift shop- a Banksy film

Highlights from the New Zealand International Film Festival included the world's first Street Art disaster movie: Banksy's 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. You are among distinguished company if you walked out wondering whether the French immigrant Guetta's overnight transformation to famous street artist 'Mr Brainwash' was an elaborate hoax or in fact real. Roger Ebert of Sun Times wrote "The widespread speculation that 'Exit through the Gift Shop' is a hoax only adds to its fascination". We are just happy to enjoy the humour, the art and the subtle messages and let Banksy indulge in his annonymity and the mystery of the film!

down down baby, down by the rollercoaster

NY Band 'The Drums' opened for Florence and the Machine at Thursday's gig in Auckland. Fantastic!

Ella in Newtown


Public Domain Chuck Treece

Powell peralta skate video from teh 80's


California in a minute forty seven

My video use in Tahoe was somewhat sporadic, so I didn't quite know what to do with it. I finally got around putting it together the best I could though. The music is Around the Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour



Cosmic love

We are jumping out of our skin to see Florence and the Machine in Auckland on the 29th of July.
With flights booked and tickets bought (Rachel and my darling flatmates gave me mine for my birthday) 
all we have to do is pensively wait  for the soul stirring, body moving, electrifying force that is florence!
Here are some photos of some of her gigs, by the sounds of it she is ahh mazing live..
soon we can put our own photos up!