hors d'ouevres

The envelope of winter has opened!!Thick snow and white dusted pines line our adventures in North Lake Tahoe.
So far we have couch hopped from Zac and Shane’s, a snowboarder and DJ from the get loose crew, to Luke’s a si fu fanatic and now good friend, then to Suzie’s a super cool lady who we met hitchhiking and is currently living it up on a super yacht with Luke Wilson in the Bahamas! Now, we are contemplating our next port of call!! It’s exciting not knowing where or who we will be living with next...we have a few irons in the fire though, hoping to live somewhere between Rachel’s work (North star resort) and My work (s\Squaw valley)

A change from the usual family affair, Rachel and I joined friends Christian and Luke in a sumptuous roast chicken and mulled wine feast for Christmas. We Opened presents under a hand drawn Christmas tree, complete with toilet paper decorations and stamps!

The big countdown for the New Year was spent howling to the blue moon on the snowy lakeside. Later we enjoyed a few bevies at the local pub with a group of friends.

Here’s a few snapshots from the trip so far....